Two Purple Belts

Purple Belts
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00268

Andrew and I continue to stay on track to earn our same color belts at the same time. I’m very proud of all that he has done so far in karate. He’s doing very well. Now both of us are moving up to a higher rank and we will both have a new instructor. Our new instructor is Mr. Brochu. Yes, we will both have the same instructor for our respective classes. Mr. Brochu instructs the purple through green belts for Krav Maga and for Karate Kids.

I think this is the point where Andrew is going to have to start really focusing. He’s going to have to tone down the silliness and nonsense. He’s getting a lot better at paying attention overall but he does have his moments. We will see how he does. As for me, I’ll probably get picked a lot for demonstrations so I get knocked around more. Mr. Brochu does like using me for demos. I’m looking forward to this next round of classes and another three months of working on learning how to do more and refining the skills I have been learning. It has been a great experience so far.

Review – DreamWorks Dragons Rescue Riders on Netflix

Dragons Image

I was provided a screener code to watch DreamWorks Dragons Rescue Riders on Netflix before the release date of September 27th. Opinions are my own.

We have been fans of How to Train Your Dragon ever since the first movie. When Eva was smaller I began reading her the Cressida Cowell series and we really enjoyed it. Now there is a whole new series for younger viewers called DreamWorks Dragons Rescue Riders. This series is set in the same world as How To Train Your Dragon but focuses twins Dak and Leyla. They are orphans who were raised b a dragon and because of that they can speak to dragons. This is the first time that we have speaking dragons in a dragons show. Hearing the dragons speak appealed to Andrew. When we watched the first episode he told me that this was something that he would like to keep watching.

Dak and Leyla with the Dragons

On the team there are four dragons to start. Dak rides Winger and Leyla rides Summer. The other two dragons are Cutter and Burple. These two are around for plenty of comic relief. In later episodes we meet the dragon Aggro. During the episodes the dragons learn to work together to rescue other dragons and humans alike. The team is adopted by the town of Huttsgalor by the chief Duggard. Duggard is like a cross between Gobber and Stoick. He’s silly and bumbling but has all his limbs. Duggard was rescued by the Rescue Riders in the first episode and gives the team their home in a lighthouse on the outskits of Huttsgalor. Continue reading Review – DreamWorks Dragons Rescue Riders on Netflix