Review: smART Pixelator from Flycatcher Toys

smART Pixelator
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00270

We received a smART Pixelator in conjunction with a Twitter Party that I was a co-host for with Flycatcher Toys and The Toy Insider. So, we received a free smART Pixelator. Opinions are our own.

A few years back we reviewed the smART Sketcher which was a device that helped kids with drawing. You would also draw things from your own photos. Well, Flycatcher Toys stepped up their game and they now have the smART Pixelator. This device has quite a few uses. Kids can create simple bead projects. The little plastic beads can be melted together to create physical pieces of art. The smART Pixelator also lets kids create with pegs and sequins to make framed pieces of art.

The set we received came with beads but there are refill packs that not only have beads but also have pegs and sequins. Out of the box there are enough beads to do three projects including a 3D project. With the smART Pixelator you can do projects that allow you o make multiple pieces and then fit them together to make 3D models. You can also take a photo of anything and it will be converted to pixels. You send that image to the smART Pixelator and you can make anything you want. I foresee me getting Andrew a ton more beads for all the projects he wants to work on. You can see our review int eh video below.

You can find the smART Pixelator on If you are thinking of one for a holiday gift please consider using one of our affiliate links below. It costs you nothing and helps us out.