An Abominable Afternoon

At Abominable
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00271

Eva went down to the Cape with Auntie Tara overnight and so I suggested that Allison take Andrew to see the movie Abominable. I happened to be awake and ended up going to see the movie with them as well. I enjoyed the movie very much. Andrew and Allison also liked it. It was a cute story and I loved the animation. There were some fun laugh out loud moments as well. There was one really cheap gag but I loved it. The Yeti was adorable and I liked the characters a lot. I did get some feelings from it but did not hit me like How to Train Your Dragon did. That movie was something special. I think they tried to get Abominable to be like that but it just wasn’t. It was a very good movie with lots of funny touching moments.

I really loved the violin songs. They were beautiful.