Holiday Gift Guide Shaping Up

Holiday Gift Guide
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I’ve decided that this year I would produce a Holiday Gift guide for parents. The guide will be a video one where I showcase some great toys and the features of those toys so parents can decide if they want to get them for their kids. From my visits to The HoliDAY of Play and to Sweet Suite I’ve made some fantastic contacts in the toy community. They have sent me a ton of things that will be part of the gift guide and I cannot wait for the videos to begin posting.

Of course, I have to get filming and soon!

Toy Story 4 Is Out on Blu-ray Today!

Toy Story 4 Blu-ray

We were provided a digital download of the movie Toy Story 4 for free to review and also additional copies were provided for a giveaway. Opinions are our own.

In the fourth installment we find the toys on a road trip with their new kid, Bonnie. Bonnie is starting Kindergarten and during her orientation she makes a toy named Forky. Forky becomes her most important toy and while Woody begins feeling useless he finds meaning in trying to convince Forky that being a toy is important. Meanwhile Forky only wants to throw himself in the trash.

While on the road trip Forky and Woody end up at a store called Second Chance Antiques. There they also meet Gabby Gabby. There are many new friends and challenges that Woody and Forky encounter as well as an old friend, Bo Peep. There is an underlying story that focuses mostly on Woody and his journey. The overall outcome is quite satisfying and I would say that this time around it a natural stopping point in the story.

Along the way we meet some fun characters like Duke Caboom played by Keanu Reeves. He’s quite funny. Then there is also Ducky (voice of Keegan-Michael Key) and Bunny (voice of Jordan Peele) who are some very funny carnival toys.

We have some fun activity pages and a snack mix you can download to enjoy while you watch the movie or a road trip of your own.

Road Trip Bingo

Snack Mix
Duke Caboom’s DareDevil Snack Mix Continue reading Toy Story 4 Is Out on Blu-ray Today!