Trunk or Treat at ABD

At Trunk or Treat
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00303

I took Andrew over to America’s Best Defense in North Attleboro tonight. While it was rainy and miserable we still had a fun time. I decided last minute (yesterday after class) that I would sponsor a trunk. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I thought that maybe it would be fun to let the kids play with the Hyperstrike bows and darts. This ended up not being the best thing as it just got more and more rainy and then darker and harder to keep things together. So, very early I decided to put those away and just concentrate on passing out candy. I passed out four bags of candy to the kids. There were a ton of them.

Boba Fett on an Ice Dragon and Newt Scamander

Andrew had a great time. We brought one of his classmates with us and then his mom and younger brother came over later. The kids did everything and came back around with HUGE containers of candy. They even went inside to the Haunted Dojo. Andrew loved it and wasn’t scared at all. There were a ton of really cool trunks. I’ll have to see about how I can make a better trunk next year.