Andrew’s Karate Birthday Party

Eva on the Obstacle Course
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Andrew has had several karate birthday parties. This was his third but his first at the America’s Best Defense in North Attleboro. He had his 5th, 6th and 8th birthday’s at karate studios and they are always a good time. We were thinking of what to do for Andrew’s birthday and I got a message that our ABD was doing free parties in November. So, I grabbed the last spot and we got it set up.

We invited all the kids in his class as well as the cousins. We had 17 kids at the party and they had so much fun. They started out with a dodge game where the black belts tossed pads at the kids and they ran around and around. Then they got to settle down and then do some learning of karate moves. I even got to help out and swing a foam sword at the kids so they could do some blocking.

then the kids had pizza and then had a big surprise. The big surprise was an obstacle course over in the Krav Maga dojo. The nice thing about ABD was that they have two dojos and the obstacle course was a complete surprise. The kids totally loved it.

Then the kids went back to the table for the cake cutting. The great thing about the cake cutting is that the cake is cut with a sword.

Sword Cake

Andrew was all smiles as he cut his cake. I recorded it happening so didn’t get the best photo. I did get that good one of Eva doing the obstacle course. She absolutely loved doing kicks and more. Andrew loved having all his friends around and it was a good day.

BenSpark’s Holiday Gift Guide -The Zax Foam Throwing Axe from Zing

Z-Ax Blogger activation

ZING Toys sent me a ZAX influencer pack for free that contained several Zax axes and more. Opinions are my own.

Zax are foam axes with 3 suction cups on them that are made to simulate axe throwing for people of ages five and up.

The Zax is a foam throwing Axe with suction cups on the “blade” that allows it to stick to multiple surfaces. It is safe for indoor/outdoor Use thanks to its soft foam handle and suction cups. The Zax leverages the throwing Axe trend by allowing families to bring home the excitement of axe throwing in a fun and safe way. You can see how they work in the video below.

In addition to playing with these with the kids I brought the pack into work one evening so that my co-workers could do some Axe Throwing. e had a great time. We also added the Axe Throwing to Eva’s birthday party and that had everyone throwing the axes at me as I held the target.

You can find Zax foam axes on and if you are interested in picking these up for your holiday gifts please consider using our affiliate link. It costs you nothing extra but helps out the blog.