Eva’s First Science Fair

Cake Science
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00322

Eva may be the Alton Brown of the family because her Science Fair project had to do with food science. Specifically Cake science. She studied the best way to grease/line a pan so that she got the smoothest bottomed cake. We ended up being able to benefit as well because.. well, cake! She tried a few methods for getting the pans ready. She used butter and flour and parchment paper on one, parchment paper alone, butter and a butter/powdered sugar combination. She learned that parchment paper by itself was the best.

The Science Fair was tonight and the church basement was packed with kids and parents. Everyone had their tri-fold foam board and there were a ton of interesting experiments that people did. So many people did eggs and toothpaste or eggs and things that either stained them or more. Lots of plants and there was even an experiment that compared the red dyes in Skittles over M&Ms. Eva did an excellent job presenting her findings and talking about her experiment. We are very proud of the work that she did.

BenSpark’s Holiday Gift Guide – Crayola Spin and Spiral Art Station & Scribble Sscrubbie Safari

Andrew's Art ProjectCrayola sent us a few of their new products for free for our Holiday Gift Guide. They were the Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Safari & the Crayola Spin and Spiral Art Station. Opinions are our Own. Our Holiday Gift guide is for parents to find some of the best toys for their kids this holiday.

The Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Safari tub animal toy set includes 4 washable animal figures, 1 scrub tub with slide, 1 scrub brush, 6 washable colored markers, and an instruction sheet. Appropriate for kids ages 3 and up, This set makes a great gift for girls and boys.

The Spiral & Spin art: 2-in-1 spiral art and spin art crafts for kids. Use spiral and spin art sides together or separately! No batteries required: kid powered art that’s easy to create! Appropriate for kids ages 6 & up. You can learn more about these sets in our video below.

We were big fans of the Spin and Spiral Art Station. It is great to be able to make our own spiral art at home. The kids just loved making more and more of them. Andrew used all the paper and started making his own circular sheets of paper to make more spin art.

Spin and Spiral Art Center with Andrew

You can find these Crayola products on Amazon.com and if you are interested in picking these up for your holiday gifts please consider using our Amazon.com affiliate links. It costs you nothing extra but helps out the show.