New Year’s Eve 2019

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00365

As we hit the last day of the year for 2019 I look back at taking photos every day once again. I had done this for 14 years and then missed a day. I stopped for almost half a year and then decided to start back up again. This has been my 2.0 version of the project and here I am at the end of a year and for some reason my numbering is showing 364 and not 365. My photo folder on Google photos also shows 364 for the 2019 Photo-A-Day album. I have a feeling that there is was some point in the numbering where I messed up. So I’ll have to go back and try and fix. Sometime this year.

* UPDATE * – I found it, it was only a few days ago. So I didn’t have to change much.

Today we visited with friends and celebrated the holiday early. We were home before 10pm so the kids could get sleep. Allison and I got to bed before midnight, too. That was fine with me. Whether or not we saw the ball drop didn’t matter since there would be a whole new year come the morning.

Allison made Buffalo Chicken Meatballs for the party and they were very good, everyone enjoyed them. We also brought over some cookies and we enjoyed many wonderful things to eat including empanadas. It was just good to spend time with friends. The kids enjoyed playing with the other kids and Eva had lots to talk about with fellow fans of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. Andrew got to run around with the boys and eat lots of fun things.

Monday is Bacon Day

Harry Potter Clue

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00364

Today was National Bacon day and luckily we still had a few strips of homemade bacon from our friend Aaron. This was his first batch of bacon that he made and it was terrific. We enjoyed it very much over the Summer and that gave him the idea for us to record him making bacon again. So I helped him with that this Summer and the video was really fun. Check it out.

In the afternoon we went to see the movie Playing with Fire at the Route One Cinema Pub. One of Andrew’s classmate’s mom organized it so that we could all go together. Andrew got to see his friends and what’s better he got to laugh and be silly and enjoy a super funny movie. It was a lot of slapstick type humor but had heart to it as well. At one point a kid in the movie tried to clean a truck and well, it doesn’t go well at all. I exclaimed “oh Jesus!” a little louder than I expected to but then at a moment when the movie was quiet one of the younger brothers of one of Andrew’s classmates exclaims, “Jesus!”. He then got reprimanded by his mom. Allison shot me dagger eyes across the table. I’m a bad influence. Later on I told the mom that he got that from me and I’d gotten the kid in trouble and we all had a laugh. So, there were gasp out loud moments in the movie where I need to pick better exclamations.

When we got home we all sort of chilled out in front of screens so we decided that after dinner we would play a board game together. We played Harry Potter Clue and found out that Allison could be in Slytherin for her sneaky tricks in the game. We also learned that I have to trust what I marked down in the future as I messed up and guess wrong. It was a fun game, though.