Eva in Godspell Jr

Godspell Jr

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00340

Tonight Eva had the premiere of Godspell Jr. She was one of the storytellers. The storytellers were the ensemble and they each acted out some of the parables and stories surrounding Jesus. They had lines and Eva got to be a part of one parable about a servant serving two masters and then as Jesus separated the crowd into sheep and goats. Eva was a sheep and she did such an amazing job as a sheep. She was even pretending to chew grass from side to side like sheep do. She did that so well.When she was the servant serving two masters he pretended to be a dog and that made the director take notice and he’s going to use that again.

Eva was so happy to be a part of this production. The kids did a great job and I think she made some nice friends on the cast. I know that she is going to be all ready to get going on another production as soon as she can.

We were joined by my mom and dad and my sister, Shelby. My Aunt Donna also came and one of Eva’s former teachers came to show support.