Christmas Party Season

Ugly Sweaters Christmas

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00341

Tonight kicked off the Christmas party season. Allison and I have two on the books this month. This one was at the home of Andrew’s teacher. We went last year and had a very nice time. We had a nice time this year as well but I am coming down with something and so I hung back so as not to get anyone else sick. Of course, I hang back because parties are tough for me anyway. I can’t hear anyone in the conversation I am having but can hear all other conversations happening around me. So, I find that part difficult. It isn’t the talking to people or making conversation it is that I feel self conscious about making people repeat what they are saying in a loud environment.

This party was packed and there was a huge representation of different ugly sweaters. One gentleman even had a shirt/sweater that had a hold cut in it to look like a tree and the shirt said Hairy Christmas. It was so funny. I could not pull something like that off but that was certainly a top ugly sweater.

We went home fairly early and watched some This is Us and then fell asleep on the couch so I could get up and go to work.

The kids are on the Cape with my parents to enjoy Christmas comes to Falmouth. They went to a tree lighting tonight and will go to a parade tomorrow.