Decorating for Christmas 2019 – Lambie Joins In

Decorating for Christmas

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00346

On Monday I hauled all of the Christmas boxes up to the second floor from the basement. I was feeling really sick after staying home on Sunday from work. I brought up all of the Christmas is for kids toys as well as the Christmas decoration boxes. Of course the first box I took upstairs was huge and so I placed it on the bottom step to get a better grip on it. I stand up and I heard 3 cracks. I have heard about people seeing stars before and I have never had that happen. I’m pretty sure that is what happened this time. I ended up slumped over the big box, conscious but trying to get my bearings. My head hurt something fierce. I swear that the first crack was my head on the fire alarm bracket and the next two were in my neck. I took a minute and then carried the box upstairs. It was the first of several.

During this week we have been slowly getting some decorations up. The kids took all of the stuffed animals and put them on the ledge on the second floor. I noticed that Andrew added Lambie to the group. Lambie is his favorite stuffed animal. It is funny because he didn’t seem like he’d pick just one specific stuffed animal but this one has been his fast friend for a while. I know because we are always forgetting Lambie downstairs because every morning Lambie comes with Andrew downstairs before school. I saw this and it made me smile.