More and More Christmas Decorations


Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00349

I can sort of understand why stores put out their Christmas stuff so early. It comes up so quickly. Christmas is already only 10 days away and with this weekend and next left to go you really have to get things together in order to decorate, and finish things up. It is tough for me because weekends are non-existent with work. I lose a few days each week that I could use to help decorate. The kids did their mini trees last night and today they went to Jordan’s Furniture for the Enchanted Village. That is not something that I go to each year, it is something that Allison does with the kids and her friend and her kids. They had a nice time. I slept. I had to sleep. Been sick and so I slept and did not get to see Eva in her basketball game. Apparently there were only 5 players there and one of them got hurt so the team had to play 4 on 5. Eva played the whole game. She was quite tired when I saw her at church tonight.

After church tonight was the second Youth Group meeting. It was a sort of Christmas party. We played Christmas trivia and then there were other games. I had to leave early in order to get to work. Once at work I found this cute snowman decoration on a desk for today’s photo.