New Do’s and New Phones Going into 2020

Andrews New Do

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00362

This morning I took Andrew over to Rome’s for a haircut and I got one myself. I had been looking a bit shaggy lately and I wish I had gone before Christmas. My hair was far too long. But, I have been sick for a while and I did not feel like getting it done before this. I have also never been to Rome’s before. Allison has taken Andrew and my dad has been going there for some time. I had a good experience and they even shaved the back of my neck with a razor so I know it was done right.

We got all cleaned up and then headed to Mansfield Crossing to to get new cell phones. Allison and I have been Verizon customers for so long and when I did some shopping around I saw that we could make out really well if we switched over to Xfinity Mobile. So we went to the Xfinity store and signed up. Allison went with the iPhone 11 and I decided upon the Google Pixel 4XL. It is so close to my previous phone, the 2XL. The new phone has some interesting new features to get used to. Some of the ways I used the old one cannot be done with the new one but some really cool new things can be done like unlocking the phone with my face. It also have dual cameras and can do some fun photography. I love portrait mode and captured this one of Andrew in his new haircut.