Our Minecraft Kids


Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00370

Minecraft has taken over the thoughts of these kids. They are building all sorts of structures int eh game and have a great time. The two of them have been sharing the Nintendo 3DS because that is the only device that has the game at this time. There is a version of the game for the Nintendo Switch that we picked up when we got new phones. Andrew has not seen it and he has asked that we buy the game. With the request came a teachable moment regarding the cost of things and he seemed to think that we could just have the game. Of course, because we have received so many free games over the years it is hard not to think that we can immediately get any game out there for free. I’m going to have him wait it out a bit and when the time is right they can have that game for the Switch.

Eva knows we have it for the Switch but has not asked for it at all yet and she is enjoying playing Minecraft as much as Andrew does. The two of them were telling me all about their buildings after dinner tonight. Dinner that Andrew insisted upon making. He made us English Muffin pizzas. He did a good job with it as well. He wants to do more of it.