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Wildstorms CCG

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00384

Tonight I stopped over at my parent’s house and went up into the attic and found my old WildStorms CCG cards. I have four boxes filled with cards which have sat up in the attic for about 10 years now. Waiting….

Waiting for the day when one of the kids becomes old enough and interested enough in collectible card games and wants to play with me. Eva started a few weeks ago becoming interested in playing Magic the Gathering. I had a couple of starter packs and she asked if she could use them to play. I said sure and we played a few rounds. I figured it was time to dig these out so that we could play. I have an almost complete collection of cards somewhere, in a giant rubbermaid tote, probably also in the attic. Way back in 1997 or so when these were being produced I ordered them by the case. I traded online and I was very knowledgeable of the cards. However, I never played. I knew no one who played. So I’ve been Waiting…

Waiting for the kids to be ready to play. Now they are and now we must learn the rules of the game and then put together decks with which to battle. There is a comic book version of the rules somewhere in my archives that I also need to find, but in the meantime I found a WildStorms CCG resource page that has all the rules on it. I’ll get Eva a copy to read and we can play in the near future. I the meantime I need to find my collection and see about completing it. I have 6 cards missing, I think.