LEGO Hidden Side: Newbury Haunted High School

LEGO Hidden Side Sets

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00386

Right before Christmas The Toy Insider sent us a giant box of toys for being part of the Parent Panel. They sent me a LEGO Hidden Side set that I built with Andrew’s help. We would build the set a bag at a time and we alternated the pages for building. He’s build one then I’d build one and so on and so on. We kept this up until we had it complete, or until he got bored and I finished everything up while he watched Inspector Gadget. We did a little each day and completed it today. There is a game that you can play using the Hidden Side sets and it is rather fun. I picked up a few more of the sets that we can build and play together. He then put the set together as a scene,Andrew with NEwbury Haunted High school