Jakks Pacific Fly Wheels for High Flying Outdoor Fun

With Andrew and Fly Wheels

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00393

The Toy Insider sent me a couple of free packages of Fly Wheels from Jakks Pacific as part of their Tweets4Toys program. These super fast wheels are high flying stunt fun for outdoor play. Opinions are my own.

When I received these toys I knew that Andrew and I would be playing with them. We’d set up jumps and other stunts to perform. There is an Extreme Stunt Ramp that you can buy from Jakks but we did not receive that so we made a makeshift jump with some cardboard. We set the cardboard jump up in the middle of the backyard patio and were able to jump the wheels up and over the fence and over the cars (well, one time it went up so high that it came down short and on the hood of my car but no problem because it was a rubber-tired wheel. That jump made Andrew squeal with delight. He loves seeing all sorts of stunts and jumps happening.

There was bit of a learning curve with how to control these Fly Wheels but once we did they were ripping across the yard and flying high.

The Toy Insider is having a Tweets 4 Toys giveaway and you can enter through their Instagram page on this Fly Wheels Post.