Batman 4″ Action Figures and 2-in-1 Batmobile Vehicle from Spin Master

Batman and Batmobile toys

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00401

The folks from Spin Master sent me some of their new Batman toys for free to unbox and review. These collectible action figures are a lot of fun and have great detail.

When I first got the email asking me if I’d like to check out the new Batman line from Spin Master I was excited. I didn’t know how Spin Master would handle the line but I was very impressed when I saw the finished product. I was walking through a store and saw them on the shelves. They started appearing after the first of the year. I had to stop and take a closer look. I got so excited for me own set of these toys to arrive at my house.

I received two Batman 4 inch figures, Batman and Rebirth Tactical Batman. I also received the Batmobile. The Batmobile is a 2-in-1 vehicle. You have The Batmobile and also the Batboat. The Batboat slides into the back of the Batmobile. The design of both is very cool. I would have liked to have seen some more play features on the Batmobile but having two vehicles for $19.99 is a good price, adding more bells and whistles would have made the price go up. I think these toys have decent price points with the individual 4 inch figures going for $7.99 and vehicle for $19.99.

The action figures have 11 points of articulation and are well balanced so that they will stay standing even when they have their attached gear. Each character gets 3 mystery accessories. There is a great little feature that lets kids unbox these mystery accessories in a fun way. They also get a trading card included. You can see what I mean in my review video.

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