LEGO Sea Plane

Sea Plane

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00404

I picked up a LEGO Creator set last year on clearance. I like that the Creator sets are 3-in-1 sets. I also like that when LEGO puts these together they make the sets into complimentary items. In this set we have the sea plane, an island getaway and a boat. I picked this one not only because it was on clearance but it also gave a Jimmy Buffett vibe.

Review: Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle

Andrew Solving Minecraft Puzzle

ThinkFun sent me one of their latest games for free to play with and review. Opinions are my own.

My kids have discovered Minecraft and they are all about building epic houses and worlds and so much more. This is something that they just started being excited about around this past Christmas. We have the game on The Nintendo 3Ds and Switch. The kids have been playing with the game a lot. So, in an effort for them to take a screentime break and engage their Logic and Problem solving centers of their brains I requested a copy of the Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle from ThinkFun. This way they can still get their Minecraft fix but work out the 40 different puzzles for fun challenges.

Minecraft Magnetic Travel PuzzleThis magnetic puzzle is great for long car rides because everything is contained in the high quality gameboard. Plus it is magnetic so the pieces stay in place as you ride. the game uses several different types of clues in order to solve each puzzle. There are both positive and negative clues to activate their deductive reasoning. The Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle is for ages 8+. It is a single player game and goes for $12.99, Available Now! Learn more at Magnetic Travel Puzzle cover