Still Making Fortnite Videos


Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00438

While my overall toy video making has started to slow down (It’ll be picking back up soon) my Fortnite videos have started to pick back up. Each Thursday a bunch of new challenges are released and I try to make videos of them to help out other players. They have been fairly well received and have helped me not only increase my overall views and watch time but have helped me gain additional subscribers.

I do have to get back on track with toys, though. Many companies have been sending me toys and books to review. I need to get back in the practice of making those videos and for the next couple of weeks the kids will be home with me and so we can make them together. I can even use that time to help them learn some video production work on the programs that I use. It will be part of the COVD-19 Homeschooling plan.