Cracking Under the Stress

Under Stress

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00439

Allison came home from school yesterday and brought me outside. “Look at this,” she told me as she showed me the corner post of our fence. She suspected that someone backed into it but it wasn’t that. The fence is old, it has been under stress for a long time because of the Wisteria that grows every year. some of it has grown right through the fence and bowed it out and choked it. so much stress was put on the fence where parts leaned this way and that and where it could not simply bend or lean it completely snapped.

It is sort of fitting for the state of the world right now. Schools are closed for the next two weeks. The kids are anxious. Stores are being cleared out of everything. We joke about it when the snow comes but when something major like this comes along it is insane. I’ve been in a few stores and I’ve seen completely empty aisles. Things that we have been taking for granted are not going to be there. So we are all under stress.

Will we break or will we bend.