Break Out the Board Games

Board Games

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00440

Before I went ot bed this morning I asked Allison if she and the kids could take a look through all of our board games and thin them out. Because I receive so many toys and games we have had an overflow of board games. The kids have outgrown quite a few of them and so it was time to go through them and determine which ones we really wanted to keep and which ones to give away. The image above is the result of their hard work. What is not pictured is a large box of board games that they either have outgrown or no longer play.

with the kids being home for the next three weeks, at least, we are going to be playing plenty of board games and I just received a bunch more for us to try out. We’re also going to be playing card games like Pokemon and Magic the Gathering. We are even going to do a Dungeons and Dragons campaign at some point. We are even going to build our own Dice tower.