Homebound Lockdown with this Crew

This band of nuts

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00446

Who do you have on your pandemic survival crew? At my house we have a couple of great kids who have been working very hard to keep active with their studies and learn new things. They are distance learning from my sister, Tara. She has Science projects for them to each learn. Allison has been working with the kids on their studies from school. She’s also keeping us fed and making sure that a schedule is followed but not too strictly. There is room for adjustments.

Each morning we watch the school principal start off the day with announcements and prayer. We also catch the livestreams that our priest are doing for our parish. They have been doing daily Mass and also the rosary. We also get some behind the scenes pictures of how they set up for the livestream.

The kids have been connecting with their friend online. We’ll try and connect with the cousins soon, too.

I try to keep up the entertainment portion of being home. I’ve gotten a number of games, toys and movie for review and we are going to check them all out. Lots of learning ones in there, too. Any way we can keep conversation going around learning is good.

What is your family doing during this time?