Thank you to all the Delivery Drivers

Thank You Door

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00450

Allison and Andy painted a big “Thank You” on our back door for all the delivery drivers that come by the house on a daily basis. Between the toy deliveries and Amazon orders, plus Munroe Dairy we get people coming and going. So, in order to put a smile on faces Allison thought of this and employed Andy to help out. Andy was thrilled beyond anything to be able to use actual (water based) paint on the windows. Later when a delivery driver came by it gave him a smile.

We had a nice day at BenSpark Family Day School (sort of what we’re calling this Homeschooling venture). The kids are doing very well in their studies and got their report cards last night. They did such great jobs.

We continue to do home workouts for karate and Krav Maga and record them for the school. It is a new normal but it is going pretty well. I hope that everyone reading this is doing well, too.