Family Zoom Meeting and Birthday Party

Family Zoom Meeting

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00452

Today was my sister Tara’s birthday and she set up a Zoom meeting for the entire family. We used that time to catch up and wish Tara a Happy Birthday. We had my parents on as well as my sister, Shelby and her kids plus Tara. With everyone spread out all over it was nice to do something like this so we could catch up. I think by the end of this the kids will learn how to behave while on a Facetime, Google Hangouts or Zoom call. Andy just has a very hard time staying still on the thing. We actually set up our island chairs to face the computer so that we could all see and the computer mic picks us up fine so we didn’t have to be right on top of everything. I think it worked out well.

Eva working on the BB hoop

Before and after the Zoom call I had a little project to work on. Our in-laws sent us a basketball hoop. Eva and Andy were both very interested in helping out with the assembly of the hoop. I got out my mechanic’s toolkit and showed Eva how to use the socket wrench. We worked together until the Zoom meeting and then again until around 11:45 when I had to go in for my daily LEGO livestream. There was a time right after the Zoom meeting where Eva took care of connecting the hoop to the backboard. She did a great job unsupervised. We loaded it up with water, we had no sand, and the kids were ready to get playing. So, while I did my livestream I could hear the kids having a great time using the hoop. I think they will be having a lot of fun with it as the weather continues to warm up.