No Hair is More Upkeep Than I Thought


Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00460

On Tuesday the kids and Allison helped me shave my head. The next day I shaved it again and then I haven’t shaved it since. For going bald my hair certainly grows fast on both my face and head. I did not realize that the upkeep would be so much longer than when I just had short hair. If I want it to keep looking nice and smooth I’ve got to shave it and I’ve been doing it in the shower. Turn on the water, lather up. Turn off the water shave and try not to get any shaving cream in my eyes. Water on again and more lather. My showers are turning into very long affairs. Lots of stopping and starting, getting shocked by the cold water over and over. It is interesting. I’ll be experimenting with what razors get the best and closest shaves on my head.

Boredom Busting Easter Basket Ideas from Educational Insights and Learning Resources

Educational Toys Easter

The folks at Educational Insights and Learning Resources provided me with some products for free so that I could make some Easter Baskets for the kids.

When I was at Toy Fair I got the idea to use the Playfoam Pluffle from Educational Insights as the Easter Grass in the kids’ baskets. Then I looked around at more fun items from Educational Insights and Learning Resources. These two great companies have a ton of fun educational products that parents will love.

As I was mentally putting together the Easter Basket I knew that I wanted to include activities and toys and not just candy. Educational Insights has the Kanoodle line and they sent me the Kanoodle Flip came to include. This game comes in it’s own travel case so it can be taken anywhere to play. A fun and challenging game that each of the kids can play themselves.

I also wanted some creative items and the Color by Playfoam line had a couple of fun options, a dragon and a unicorn. With this the kids can put pieces of Playfoam onto a plastic canvas. This project can take the kids a while to do and that is something we want especially to curb screen time and also boredom.

Then I wanted something that looked really exciting and fun. Watching a Beaker Creature in their reactor pod fit that bill. These are little toys that are inside a pod that foams in water. Also included are some fun and interesting Science facts.

I took all of those items as well as a special ceramic pot and a small plant to grow from a seed to use as the basket. I bought the pots and seeds at Target. You can see the video here.

If parents are putting together some Easter Baskets with items to occupy kids’ time then here are our Amazon affiliate links to those the products in the baskets. There are many more choices from both companies on their websites: Educational InsightsLearning Resources

Educational Insights Products
Playfoam Pluffle – 2 Pack Pink and Green
Color by Playfoam Unicorn
Color by Playfoam Dragon
Kanoodle Flip

Learning Resources Products
Beaker Creatures Reactor Pods