Review: Story Time Chess

Andy Playing Story Time Chess

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We received a copy of Story Time Chess for free to play with and review. Opinions are our own.

When I was a kid we used to have a home in New Hampshire. My Dad and his friend built the place and we would go there for a couple of weeks each Summer. We’d also go in the Winter. There was no TV there and you pretty much could explore the backyard, read and play games. My dad taught me how to play chess during those trips to the cabin. It is something that I have always carried with me. How to play chess is something that I think all kids should be taught.

I’ve taught Andy how to play chess in the past. He loves the game. He does not like losing to me over and over but he keeps trying. We had a board that tried to teach kids about all the pieces but it was sort of high-brow and stuffy. I couldn’t even get through it.

Story Time Chess Image

However, Story Time Chess is different it is geared toward the younger player and explains the movements of the pieces in such clear language. The explanation of the movements of the pieces are explained in a story. We meet the two kings, two queens, their pawns, rooks, knights and bishops. As we meet each character we are presented with mini games to help kids get used to the movements of the pieces/characters. There are 3 or so mini games for each piece. There are also two ways in which to use Story Time Chess. You can use the Story Time Cheese side of the board and play the Story Time Chesse version of the game. Playing the Story Time Version also gets kids used to the movements of the pieces. The object of this game is not to capture the king piece but rather to get five gems or five pieces of pizza before your opponent.

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