Review: Ravel Tales

The Unravellers

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We received one of the forthcoming oys from Sunny Days Entertainment for fee to unravel and review. The toy is called Ravel Tales and opinions are our own.

This new toy from Sunny Days Entertainment is cute for the younger crowd that wants to enjoy the unboxing experience but also likes to do DIY activities. The concept is that the entire unravelling experience is part of the unboxing. You start with unravelling the filler yarn for the pet bed that you make with other yarn and cut out fabric pieces found further inside the unravelled ball of various yarns, charms and moer. There is even a small stuffed animal inside. The animal could be one of the Knittens (kitty cats), Pom Pom Pups (puppy dogs), Button Bears (teddy bears) or Purl Ponies (ponies). Such a cute set of names for these toys.

Eva did the unravelling of the product in the video below.

While this was fun it is definitely for younger kids. Once the whole ball was unravelled Eva made the pet bed and some pom poms. Each bit of arn was labeled but we are pretty sure that one piece should have been for sewing up the pet bed. The instructions said medium weight yarn was to be used to sew up the bed but the label was on a lighter weight yard that was used for making necklaces and a pet collar. The nice thing about the whole unboxing was that there was very little waste because everything that is unravelled becomes something else.

These toys will be released for purchase on May 18th. You can check them out on Amazon and put them on your wishlist through our affiliate link below if you were so inclined.

Ravel tales can be found on Twitter. Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

SCOOB Home Premiere Watch Party Details

The kids and Scoob

This Friday the movie, SCOOB is going to be available for rental or purchase. There will even be a watch party on Twitter with some of the stars of the movie. Scoob is the origin story, never told before, of Scooby Doo and his friendship with Shaggy and the rest of the gang. I have already pre-ordered the movie so that we can watch it on Friday and well own it as well. I’m even taking some time off Friday night so that we can participate in the #SCOOBMOVIENIGHT Pawtastic Premiere Event. You can sign up to make sure that you do not miss the event by going to and signing up to make sure that you do not miss the event. I am so excited!! There are going to be some special cameos and that makes me even more excited!

scoob watch party

The full details and how to get Scoob are below. Continue reading SCOOB Home Premiere Watch Party Details