My Walking Buddy

Andy my walking partner

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00497

Andy and I went for a nice long walk today. He’s all about his Fitbit and counting how many steps he takes each day. He likes to let everyone know that he has taken the most steps. That is because he is in constant motion. Whether it is is feet or his mouth, one or both are always moving.

During our walk he had both going at a constant clip. We walked from our house through the whole Riverwalk over to a small waterfall, as you can see above. This was a place that I explored as a kid when my dad owned a house in that area. We’d go over and clean up the apartments and mow the lawn and make repairs. When I got breaks I’d go and explore. I remember that waterfall being so much bigger as a kid.

Taking walks with Andrew has been something I have tried to do the past few weeks because he’s got this pent up energy that he needs to release so he can focus on his work and also spend less time on the devices. He has a computer now (hand me down) but luckily, he’s only using it to play chess. The computer never tires of him wanting to play another game. I like that he has been playing chess on the computer. It will help him see more opportunities and mistakes before they happen when we play our next game.

Review: Playmobil Back to the Future Sets

Back to the Future SetsThis year at Toy Fair I got to see the Back To The Future playset up close. This is set 70317 that I received for free from Playmobil to play with and review. Opinions are my own.

Back to the Future is one of my all time favorite movies. when I think of the best year of movies I think 1984-1985 and Back to the Future is definitely the top movie of that time period. Every time it is on TV I watch it. This is a movie that I can watch with my dad over and over again. There are not many movies that we share a deep love for but Back tot he Future is the top one. That is probably why I enjoy it so much.

When I learned that Playmobil was going to be doing a playset based on Back to the Future I knew that they were going to do it right and I was correct. This set has such great attention to detail. Included is The Delorean time machine. It also has Marty and Doc Brown. Their outfits are spot on including the multiple watches that Doc Brown wears. The set even has the camcorder, Marty’s skateboard and Einstein. We even get the giant hook pole to catch the lightning at the end of the movie.

The Delorean has lights that make it look like the car is hitting 88 miles per hour and about to shoot through time. There is even a flux capacitor that is lit up and the time circuits are on the dash, it is really well done. You get the case of plutonium and can put the canisters into the time machine, too. I do a full review in this video below.

You can pick up both of these sets now and if you do, please consider using our affiliate link below.