Review: Space Battle Lunchtime Game

Space Battle Lunchtime

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00503

We received an advanced copy of Space Battle Lunchtime the game and the first comic book for free so that we could read the comic, play the game and review it for you. Opinions are our own.My kids love cooking competition shows. They love to bake and experiment. They also enjoy funny comics and silly space creatures. Therefore Space Battle Lunchtime was right on time for the kids and I to enjoy a new game. In the game you battle as one of the chefs on a space cooking show. This closely follows the comic book where a young woman, Peony, is recruited to be a contestant on the show. She is from Earth and must learn how to cook amazing dishes with crazy foods that she’s never seen before. She uses her skills and gets a little help from the tv crew to make it through to the finals of the competition.

In the game you take on the role of one of the cooks in the battle. You must create dishes for the judges and depending upon how accurately you can match the flavors to the dishes the more points you earn. You can make the dishes totally wrong, too. Makes me think of a crazy part of the comic where one of the cooks makes a dish with way too much salt and one of the judges is a slug creature. Yeah, neither fared well after that incident.

Playing Space Battle Lunchtime

The game is creative and fun. Gives players the chance to try and be strategic in their dish creations. The first player to score 21 points wins. The player that goes first is the one who cooked something for someone else most recently. I like that. Gameplay is straightforward and easy to learn. Kids will pick it up after a round or two and then become more savvy in their moves.

The game officially releases today and you can order it through and our affiliate links below. I’ve also included links to the comic book series.