Cousin Time On The Cape

Cape Cod 2020

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00507

We decided last minute to all go down to Cape Cod to visit my parents for Sunday and Monday of Memorial Day Weekend. For the entire quarantine time so far we have only been able to see everyone via Zoom. A couple of times my mom and dad came by to drop things off but we maintained the proper distancing. We’ve been holed up at home, they’ve been as well. So we went down for a visit.

My sister, Shelby and her kids also went to the Cape. They have a place of their own. They would come over during the day and the kids got to go play on the beach with their cousins. The beach was pretty empty so we were plenty far enough away from other people. Eva buried Kylie and made her into a mermaid.

Mermaid on the Beach

I asked each of the kids to pick up 3 special rocks because I am going to put them into the rock tumbler. I figure that I’d get it started now and it would be all ready for a reveal around the 4th of July when we return to the Cape. Each of the kids found a couple of special rocks and I can’t wait to see how they end up looking at the end of a month in the tumbler.

Social Distance Walk

Allison and I went for a nice long walk along Great Harbor. There were quite a few people walking and many had masks with them that they would put over their faces as they walked by. I kept mine on the entire time I went anywhere outside of the house. Just trying to stay safe and keep other people safe, as well.