Color Decisions

choosing colors

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00512

I’ve spent most of this past week cleaning up my office and moving many things up and into the attic. I have to get the room down to a few items so that I can paint the room for Andy. He’s going to have the office as his bedroom soon. The office is bigger than his current bedroom which was good for a baby but too small for a growing boy. We’ve been trying to decide upon colors for the rooms. I simply want something that is neutral because of the filming that I’ll be doing. I don’t want the colors of the walls to influence the colors on the videos. The swatch that I have on my wall has the official color for the New England Patriots. I may even go with that color because the room is smaller and darker so whatever I paint in that room will be darker. So, I will probably go with the pewter.

Andy has a few paint swatches in his room. He’s leaning towards a red but we also have a blue option. Once he picks the color I’ll finish cleaning the office and then paint it. Then the real work begins, getting Andy’s room packed up to move across the hall.