Mr. Minecraft and his new Dungeons Game.

Mr minecraft

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00520

I got the kids a new game for the Nintendo Switch. Andy and Eva have been enjoying building things in Minecraft since Christmas. A game called Minecraft Dungeons came out recently and in it you don’t go any building but rather you fight all the different mobs (monsters) and quest for armor, weapons and treasure. The game is fun because you can have up to four people playing at once to fight the mobs. It sort of makes me think of old school Gauntlet but the character distinctions are not as clear. In Gauntlet you had 4 separate hero types. In this every character looks almost the same and can do pretty much the same thing. Players may specialize in a certain weapon or magic but they can all do the same thing if they have the right equipment and weapons.

I’ve been playing this with Andy a little bit and he’s been playing this with his sister whenever he can. I think he likes it because they can both play together and he gets to have time with her. I think that is what he wants most of all during all this quarantine, for Eva to spend time with him.