Morning by the Riverwalk

Morning Walk

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00524

I’m in a step competition at work and after recently getting a Fitbit I’ve been trying to up my walking numbers each day. My goal is 10,000 steps and this morning I did 11,000 before 9:30am. I got up and walked to the park and discovered that once around the loop is about 950 steps. So I would move to the outside and try to get more steps on each lap around the park. I did five of them and then walked the reverse route that I normally take and added two bridges to finish things off. That got me to 11,000 before I got home. Can’t do it that way every day but when I get a chance I will try.

earning his Brown Belt

In the afternoon we went over to America’s Best Defense to receive our brown belts. Andy and I earned these and as the dojo is preparing to open they did a drive up belt ceremony and testing. Andy had to run through his forms for Sensei Wilson before he could get his belt. He did a great job. I am so proud of all of his hard work.

Brown Belts

After we got our belts it was time to take the family out for Ice Cream.

A Discussion about the film “DADS” with Bryce Dallas Howard

Dads Banner

I was invited to take a look at a very special movie by Bryce Dallas Howard called Dads. I also took part in a virtual roundtable with Bryce and several Dad Bloggers and a few Moms, too. The film will be available starting June 19th on Apple TV+. I think it would be a great one to watch on your own or with your own dad. It is funny, touching and full of great stories from dads all over the world.

I was excited to see that several of my friends were also on the call. My pal Adam from Dada Rocks was there and so was Andrew from Mommy’s Busy Go Ask Daddy, Chris from Dad of Divas and Fathering Together was there and so was Art Eddy of The Art of Fatherhood. We were each able to ask one question of Bryce about the film. You can see my question and her answer in the video below.

One of the coolest things I saw in the film was how Bryce’s grandfather, Rance Howard, influenced the writers of The Andy Griffith Show. His objection to how Ron Howard’s character of Opie was written was spot on and the changes made this a much stronger show with an excellent relationship between a father and a son. I must have watched hours and hours of re-runs of this show. I also watched Happy Days on reruns and again saw a father and son relationship that was meaningful in that of Howard Cunningham and Richie.

Bryce Dallas HowardI’ve been a fan of Ron Howard’s work my whole life and I can see how his approach to fatherhood has shaped Bryce as a filmmaker but also as a person. She was gracious and kind with us on the call and her film touches so many lives of different dads across the world. She found amazing stories to share with all dads. I look forward to watching the film again when it arrives on Apple TV+ on June 19th.

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