Finally, Some Time on the Cape

Beach Time

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00538

We drove to the Cape today to spend a few days with family. I’m also in a step challenge with folks from work and a larger challenge with even more folks from work. I’ve been taking longer and longer walks each day. Multiple walks and more movement. It has been a good challenge and because of it Allison and I have been walking around like crazy in addition to my long lone walks.

When we arrived on the Cape we stopped by The Barking Claw so that we could get a lunch. Allison and I split a lobster roll and the kids had some hot dogs. The lobster roll was excellent. Allison snapped a family selfie at lunch.

At the Barking Claw

We got to the house and went over to the beach. The kids were able to enjoy playing with their cousins. They had a fun time together. It was nice to be on the beach. It wasn’t very busy there and so we had plenty of space to social distance from other people. I’m not sure how busy it will get as the Summer progresses, though. I hope it will be fairly quiet.