High Above Falmouth

Overhead Drone Shot

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00539

This morning I decided to take my Mavic Mini drone out on my morning walk. I flew it all over the beach and went through all 3 of my batteries. I walked up over the hill and I went over to the stairs and I love the photo above because of how cool it looks. Only with a drone will you get a shot like that.

Then I took my drone up as high as it would go and was able to take the shot below.

Falmouth Harbor

When I got back from my walk Eva was entertaining my parents by singing along with the Hamilton soundtrack. She is so very excited to see the show on Disney+ next week. Eva was belting out the tunes and the music was coming from Mom and Dad’s new speakers that we got them for their anniversary. The sound is amazing in these things, too.

We had dinner with the cousins again tonight and the kids had a lot of fun. I grilled dinner and everyone enjoyed it. I enjoyed being the one on the grill. It gives me something to do and I always know when dinner is ready because it is when I’m done. I ventured out on a shopping trip to pick up what we needed for dinner. It wasn’t that busy out there and that was a good thing. People were pretty good about their masks at stores and that was good. We’re really good about wearing them everywhere even taking walks at 5:00am when you’re the only one out.