Morning Walks by the Ocean

Falmouth Harbor

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00552

Allison and I have been getting out and taking walks each morning while we are on the Cape. Usually we walk up along Great Pond but today we went in the other direction because I wanted to surprise the kids with donuts. I learned that the Black Dog restaurant had them and wanted to check them out. I wasn’t that impressed. When I looked at them selection I had decided not to buy them but then I would have had nothing to bring back to the kids. They just didn’t look fresh. Like the humidity had gotten to them. But I got them and they were pretty tasty. The thing about donuts in Falmouth is that there is no selection. Dunkin Donuts is pretty much the only game in town and I am not a fan. I walked all over downtown Falmouth one weekend just to see if there was a bakery or something that made donuts. No luck. Internet search, no luck. Donuts has become a quarantine thing with us. Probably not the best option but it has been fun for everyone to try fun tasty donuts each week.

Review: World’s Smallest Magic the Gathering Decks from Super Impulse

Worlds Smallest Magic Cards

We received a set of the World’s Smallest Magic Cards for free from Super Impulse to play with and review. Opinions are our own.

Super Impulse has been making all sorts of fun World’s Smallest products and one of the coolest ones I saw at Toy Fair was a set of Magic the Gathering cards that were super small, World’s Smallest if you will. These cards are fully playable and have fantastic artwork on them even at such a small size. There were two decks inside the set so that you could immediately play. The decks were Jace and Vraska.

Playing Magic with Eva

These cards caught my eye because my daughter, Eva had started playing MAGIC just a few months prior to my trip to Toy Fair. She has played the game with a few decks that we had and also played online. I thought that she would get a kick out of the novelty factor of having these two decks to play with whenever and wherever.

Whole Deck in the Palm of my hand

These World’s Smallest Magic the Gathering decks are so small that I can fit the whole deck in the palm of my hand. Each card is slightly smaller than my pinkie. I did not have any full sized cards on hand to make a comparison but let’s just say they are considerably smaller than the full sized ones. They have a great feel and are fun to play with. Full sized Magic the Gathering fun in a small package!

Check out the Super Impulse Instagram because there are a ton of other World’s Smallest toys on it. So many cool things! And, if you are interested you can pick up the World’s Smallest Magic the Gathering decks on through our affiliate link.