Review: Playmobil – Grand Castle of Novelmore

Novelmore Castle

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00559

Playmobil has sent us their latest set in the Novelmore series for free to play with and review. Opinions are our own.

A giant castle has sprung up in Andy’s new room. The Grand Castle of Novelmore from Playmobil has completed construction today. This is the largest set to date that we have reviewed from Playmobil and it is amazing! For any kid who loves kings, knights, swords and castles this is perfect! It has a nearly three foot wide footprint and there are so many features!

The new Novelmore Castle

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Review: Target Practice with Toysmith Warrior’s Mark Throwing Blades

The Warriors Mark Target

We received the Warrior’s Mark Throwing Blades from Toysmith for free to review. Opinions are our own.

I’ve been saving the Warrior’s Mark Throwing Blades until we could get down to the Cape and the kids could play with their cousins. The kids enjoy playing all sorts of competitive games together and I knew that they would get a big kick out of these throwing blades. Obviously I’m not giving my kids or niece and nephew actual blades but rather the Warrior’s Mark throwing blades are foam Chakram style disks that kids can throw at a target and score points. The blades have velcro on the edges and will stick to the target easily.

Eva throwing Warriors Mark Charkram

Inside the box there are two throwing blades, a target and also a bag to keep everything together. I especially like that there is a bag to keep things together because otherwise we’d probably be looking for all the pieces in the shed whenever we wanted to play.

Sideways toss

the Target comes with a suction cup to keep it attached to walls and other places. It worked well on the vinyl fence. This means that you can play with the Warrior’s Mark Throwing Blades both inside and outside. Although, with these kiddos I am thinking that outside would be the better option. There are a few ways to throw the blades. You can throw them overhand, side hand and if you really want to try something crazy you can spin it on your finger and let it go towards the target. All of the kids from ages 5-12 had a great time throwing the blades and playing the game. Another fun and safe competitive game for everyone to play.

Kylie gives it a throw