A Whole New Look

A Whole new Look

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00564

For months I have been talking about moving my office from one room of the house to another. specifically swapping my office with Andy’s room. We moved into this house before Andy was born and so we made the baby’s room the smallest in the house because a baby isn’t gonna need that much room. Well, that baby is nearly nine and he needs some room to grow. The obvious choice for moving the room was m office. It only made sense. The room is bigger and in it Andy can spread out and grow. I painted his room an Aruba Blue and then we moved all of his stuff into the room. At the same time we also moved my stuff into his old room but I did not have time to paint it. As you can see from yesterday’s photo the room was a light green. That does not work well for a room where I will be making videos because the green will tinge everything.

I needed something neutral and so I went with a light grey color called pewter. I spent the later part of yesterday moving the furniture around quickly taping things up and painting. Moving and painting, moving and painting. I finished up around 8pm in time to call the family and wish them a good night. Yes, the family is down the Cape and I used that time alone to be productive. I have one other painting project to complete but that is for another day (Maybe Thursday). I also have a special couple of lighting projects to complete in order to bring this room up to a level where I can make videos again. As the very astute SupaHot Fyaa let me know in a comment on my YouTube channel “Bro you channel is dead now….”. He’s not wrong. I have not made any videos in so long because of everything being in flux. Now I hope to be able to get back into it and painting the office means that I can do the next steps.

Week 5 of Camp DreamWorks is all about the Dragon Rescue Riders!

Camp DreamWorks Week 5

Drawing, Reading and Cooking are on tap for this week’s Camp DreamWorks! This week’s character theme is Dragon Rescue Riders! The fun activities start on Wednesday with How to Draw Toothless and Burple. Then on Friday a read along story about the Dragon Rescue Riders. Then on Sunday get ready to make a Dragon Dip Recipe. I wonder what goes into that! Visit camp.dreamworks.com to learn more!