Andy Has Finally Discovered Ed Emberley

Andy Discovered Ed Emberly

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00569

This morning Andy came into my office with the sheet of paper above. He had found one of our Ed Emberley books. I had picked up a bunch of these books in hopes that the kids would enjoy them and create different drawings from them. Up to this point they had not paid them much mind but Andy was up early I guess and looking for something to do. Creating thumbprint art is something that Andy definitely liked because it meant putting his fingers onto stamping pads in order to make art. Get a little messy and at the same time create something.That does sound perfect for Andy.

He did not simply follow the instructions, either. He created a few things on his own like the dragon and the narwhal. He also did a thumbprint portrait of me complete with bald head and goatee.

We let Andy know that there were many more Ed Emberley books in the house and he can use them anytime. When I was a kid I’d love to get different Ed Emberley books out of the library and then draw all sorts of things based on the books. That’s why I picked so many of them up.