Ice Cream for Dinner, A Summer Tradition

Ice Cream for Dinner

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00573

At least once a Summer we do ice cream for dinner. Allison heard about a place that takes fresh donuts and makes ice cream sandwiches out of them. The place is called Ice Cream Sandwich in Sandwich, Ma. We looked it up online and found some very interesting commotion about the place. Let’s just say that there is a bit of drama happening.

Despite that we went for a drive back down to the Bourne bridge and then over to the Sagamore to find Ice Cream Sandwich. We found it and were lucky to be there early since there were no other patrons. We could take our time ordering. I went with an ice cream sandwich in a cookie with cookies and cream ice cream and unicorn sprinkles all around the edge.

Ice Cream Sandwich

We told the kids that they could get anything they wanted. Andy opted for a cup of watermelon sherbet and Eva for a waffle cone of ice cream. I was a bit jealous of her waffle cone because it was still warm. I do enjoy waffle cones. We’ll have to come back sometime for the donuts as there is a little donut truck on the property as well.