Some Wacky Packages

Super Impulse Wacky Packages

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Super Impulse sent us a free sample of their new Wacky Packages. Opinions are our own.

Wacky Packages are back! what began as stickers from Topps are now 3D miniature products based on those iconic stickers. Super Impulse has taken their World’s Smallest line and worked with Topps to turn those Wacky Packages stickers into tiny toys that are fun to display. They come in a little cup-like container with 5 mini products and 1 mini Original Wacky Packages sticker. I showed these to Andy when they arrived and he got a huge kick out of them. They are super silly. The whole Wacky Packages series has been around since the 1960s. This series will have 66 different mini products to collect including 6 ultra-rare styles in pearlescent white. You can pick them up at Target and Walmart.

WordPlay With Kwame Alexander Coming to Adventure Academy in Early September

Kwame Alexander Headshot

On Tuesday Andy and I attended a special Zoom session with author Kwame Alexander as guests of Adventure Academy. Kwame was there to reveal his newest project called WordPlay, a show that will appear withing Adventure Academy. Kwame was such a warm and welcoming person and his enthusiasm for writing and teaching about writing is so authentic. He fueled the energy of the panel and called out personal messages and questions to everyone on the session. You could see how proud he was of this concept and how excited he is for kids to watch and learn. You can see a teaser trailer for the show in the video below and then learn all about the concept behind it in the press release as well.

WordPlay will premiere in early September on Adventure Academy, a learning app for kids 8 – 12. Continue reading WordPlay With Kwame Alexander Coming to Adventure Academy in Early September