Going for the Board Break

Mid Kick

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00599

I took Andy to karate today. Allison has gone back to work at the school and get things ready for the year. Andy does much better at Karate when it is in the morning. Of course, we’re soon going to be going back to school and so his classes will be in the evenings instead. I think he’ll do much better this year. He’s focusing more. You can see him trying harder every class and he’s being asked to demonstrate things to the other kids so he is enjoying that attention.

Today in class the kids got to do board breaking and they did so with a Pop up Jump Front Kick. Pop Ups are a kick that Andy has had trouble with in the past. It is hard to do them at home on the wood floors so being back on the mats has really helped with that. I snapped this a moment before he broke the board and it was pretty high for him. I do like how he’s starting to show some great form in class, too. He’s improved so much.