Painted Rocks

painted rock

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00600

The Summer days are waning and because of that I took the kids down to the Cape for a few days. Trying to soak up the last bits of sand, water and sun before it is back to school time. Allison was back to work this week so it was just me and the kids taking the trip down. After my morning Krav Maga class we packed up my car and headed out. Took a quick turn through the McDonald’s drive through and then we were really on our way.

We got down and relaxed. Andy played a ton with a giant container of LEGO bricks. We gave them to my niece, Kylie. She’s been having fun playing with them, too. They got to build together this week and that was fun for them.

The cousins were not down today but would be later in the week. The kids had my parents to themselves for the night. Eva went to work on the tiny library that she and my dad built when she was down last. Eva went right to work painting the library. She can’t wait to see it put into use. Dad will be making a stand for it and hopefully it will be up by the next visit. We’ll make sure to bring books to put into the library.

We should also surround the base with some inspirational painted rocks like this one in the garden of the house. I think the kids would really like to make some to put near the library.