What’s Next for this DIY Project?

More for the DIY

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00577

The DIY project that I have been working on is coming along nicely. I am still figuring out the next steps but one thing I need to do is put a few holes into the back of each shelf of the bookcase. I am either running a rope light through the entire thing or some LED strip lights. The LED strip lights are a bit difficult to work with. I’m sort of regretting buying those. The rope lights worked great on Andy’s bed. I may have to pick up another one and some special clips to use that on the bookcase instead of trying to get the strip lights in there. They were a pain to try and install under Andy’s bed and I bet they are going to be as big a pain trying to lay them out like I envision on this bookcase. Once this is ready there will be a video reveal.

I Thought I Cleaned This…

So many more reviews to come

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00576

When I had moved everything into my new office I had very few things left to move. Most everything else ended up in the attic. For a while the futon was pretty clear of things and I could nap on it during my breaks from work. That was up until this week. I have a number of things on the futon that are for reviews that I am working on. Everything seems to arrive at once and always at one of the worst times, too. Things tend to arrive right in the middle of when we are back and forth to the Cape. There are quite a few table top games in the mix, however, that we can play if the weather gets bad. That might be happening soon or it might not. Either way we will be ready.

On top of the toys there on the futon I have the Sweet Suite Swag Box on the way. It was supposed to have been delivered on Friday and so I saw that it was out for delivery on Friday only to see it re-scanned back at the distribution center in Warwick. Then today I saw it was out for delivery again and I could choose to follow my delivery on the UPS app. I followed along with the package coming close to the house only to follow it right back to Warwick again. You’re killing me, UPS!