We discover the worlds of #Eldrador from Schleich – @SchleichTweets #ad

Snow Wolf

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00612

We received four of the Eldrador line of toys from Schleich for free to play with and review. Opinions are our own.

while at Sweet Suite I learned about the Eldrador line from Schleich. These highly detailed figurines are pretty amazing. I personally love the Snow Wolf as seen above. That was the one that I wanted for sure. I requested that and the Ice Dragon, Lava Dragon and the Fire Eagle. I gave the toys to Eva and she is working on a story about them, that is not ready yet because she is working on tons of things at the same time now. I liked this line because many of the creatures are a mix of mythological and fantasy. Eva is heavy into a fantasy stage right now and loves dragons and so much more. She’s reading about creatures like these all the time and I thought that she’d like these figures to help inspire her to write her own stories as well as for things to photograph and sketch.

Ice Dragon

We took the figures to the beach and while I tried to take images that would invoke cold and ice and snow (on a hot Summer day) Eva shot the Fire Eagle and Lava dragon to get some very cool photos that looked like a desert and a place more appropriate for fire based creatures.

The Lava Dragon

The Lava Dragon makes his way across the desert.

Fire Eagle

The Fire Eagle Makes a Rare Landing.

The Eldrador line has its own story. There are four worlds pf Eldrador. They are the Ice World, Stone World, Lava World and Water World. The denizens of these worlds are locked in an eternal conflict to control something called The Superweapon. So, major fights take place between the creatures of these worlds for control of this superweapon. This is the exact line of toys I would have been all over as a kid. I loved making up imaginative scenarios with my toys. I was also often at the beach and these are great for the beach because they are rugged and so cool looking. That is also why they make amazing display toys, too.