Eva Paints A 3D Crystal Growing Unicorn

Eva painting her crystal unicorn

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We received a couple of free YOU*niverse sets from The Horizon Group to play with and review. Opinions are our own.

The 3D Crystal Growing Unicorn was a fun STEM project for Eva to do. She and Allison set the unicorn up and ready to grow crystals. The instructions were easy and other than boiling the water she could do all of the project on her own. Once it was done growing crystals she went and painted the Unicorn and it came out really cool.

iHeartArt Brings Professional Quality Art Supplies to Kids

Eva and Bright Stripes Set

We received the watercolor blends + ink set from Bright Stripes for free to use and review. Opinions are our own.

Art is very important in our house. Maybe not so much the display of art but the creation of art. Both Eva and Andy are good artists. Eva had her birthday the other day and over half of the gifts she received were art supply related. So when I was given the chance to check out one of the iHeartArt sets from Bright Stripes I had Eva look at the choices and decide which she would like to try out. She choose the watercolor blends + ink set which included 10 fine line pens, 8 watercolor pastels, a water brush pen, 25-page art pad and a Techniques Guide.

The technique guides are invaluable parts of these sets. Kids love experimenting and the guides give them some great instruction on trying out things they might not have thought of doing.

When the set arrived Eva got right to work on a little project that she was doing for school. Each year the kids make a piece of art through Square One Art and she used the watercolor blends + ink set to get her plans together for her artwork this year. This is what she started with

Bright Stripes Set

working off of those ideas Eva then created her final piece which included a quote “Life is tough my darling but so are you” – Stephanie Bennett Henery. But in the photo below you can see how she experimented with the pastels and watercolor brush before she completed her final project. Having the 25 page art pad included with the set is nice because she can do everything in one place.

Bright Stripes Planning and Execution

Below you can read more about how Bright Stripes and their iHeartArt series of art sets is giving back through Art Feeds International. That is something that we are happy to know and will support a company like this that gives back. Continue reading iHeartArt Brings Professional Quality Art Supplies to Kids