My New Studio Sign Courtesy of the Crayola Ultimate Lightboard

crayola Ultimate Lightboard
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00671

Crayola often sends us products for free to check out and review. Opinions are my own.

With the holiday season quickly approaching Crayola has sent us a few new products to check out. I decided to keep one of them for my own and put it to practical use outside my office. I took the Ultimate Light Board and I affixed some Velcro command strips to the back of it so that I could put it up on the door of my office. This way, when I am recording videos I can turn on the light so that my message appears and the kids know not to come in or knock or open the door. I had a paper sign on the door before and it had two sides. I stopped flipping the thing because no matter what it was ignored. With the Ultimate Lightboard on the door I can change up the message and make it new as well as turn on the light FX. This will certainly draw the kids’ eyes and make them stop before trying to enter.

Of course the main intention for this product is for kids to create fun artwork using the Crayola Gel FX markers. The Ultimate Lightboard has swing out feet so that the lightboard can be freestanding for display. Kids can also remove the black panel and trace anything they’d like in order to make some fantastic artwork. The Ultimate Lightboard goes for $24.99 and takes 3 AA batteries. The Light FX have 4 modes, On, Flashing, Fading and Sleep. Six Gel FX markers come with the Ultimate Lightboard. You can pick this up on and if you were so inclined we’d love it if you used our affiliate link below to order it.