Getting Colder On These Morning Walks

Mist and Ducks
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00680

Our morning walk was pretty chilly today. There was a slick layer of frost on the wooden bridge that is pat of the Riverwalk. We penguin walked down that bridge to prevent falls. While we were walking along the river the mist was rising and the sun was coming through the trees. A Pair of ducks floated along down the river and it looked really nice. so I stopped and snapped the photo above.

that serene moment was quite a contrast with last night. Crazy night at work which also included a capture of a live mouse in the house. Our cats are useless when it comes to mousing. James brought the mouse up to Eva’s room. She thought it was dead but it was just pretending. I trapped it and then it got out and went right under the bed. Thank goodness we have Eva’s bed propped up on risers. I cleared things out from under the bed and was able to capture the mouse in a container and bring it outside. Once I got back in the house and to my computer and back to work Facebook gives me this ad.

mouse ad

I think they even got the same mouse that I captured for the picture. So very freaky.