New Additions to Marvel BattleWorld from Funko Games

New Battleworld Toys
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00686

Funko Games sent us two of their upcoming additions to the Marvel BattleWorld game series for free to play with and review. Opinions are our own.

This Summer Andy and I got into playing a lot of Marvel BattleWorld from Funko Games. I loved it for the cool collectible characters that you can get in the battle balls and he loved the strategy of the game and just getting to play over and over. Well, since the game has a lot to do with Thanos and there are special Thanos Stones that are part of the game it is no wonder that Thanos has shown up in collectible figure form. He’s even got his own ship that doubles as a dice tower! We also see another Marvel villain with a special travel portal. Ultron is already in the game but this new Ultron with special travel portal gives us a repainted Ultron that is gold and a special travel portal that kids can clip to their school bags to take their Marvel BattleWorld figures along with them.


The new travel portal is cool and it is fun if kids want to display their characters on their backpacks. It is also has an attack spinner built into the base that you can use instead of dice.

Ultron and Thanos with ship

However, the Thanos Ship Showdown is where it is at. This thing not only added a new play factor into the game but the ship doubles as a dice tower. Players push down on Thanos and that drops the die down to roll. Plus it looks cool, too.Thanos

By having Thanos enter play in his ship the game adds new features to Advancing danger and also lets players battle Thanos, too. Thanos ship also shows battle damage and acts as a counter when Thanos is attacked. It takes a total of five hits to destroy the ship and take it out of play. The ship gets attacked if a player makes a successful attack in a battle that is touching the ship. Thanos’ ship base is the same hexagonal shape as the cards and the ship moves around the play area. It affects those battles that it is touching and in turn can be affected by players in those battles.

Thanos in Ship

I really like these new additions to the game. We are still working on completing our collection of series 1 figures and having a fun time playing the game. These new additions bring an enhancement to the overall play. And the new figures are pretty nice as well.

Ultron and Thanos

These new products are releasing on November 30th and you can pre-order them now so that you can play on Christmas. If you are interested in picking these up please consider using our affiliate links below. It helps us out.